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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps treat a variety of conditions such as back pain, arthritic changes, headaches, injuries and much more.

There are many benefits to chiropractic care such as relief of pain, improved movement and mobility, and the treatment of muscle and joint related injuries.


This is achieved through the use of hands on, non-invasive and drug free treatments including manual adjustments and soft tissue therapy.

These treatments act on the spine, muscles, and nervous system which are all integral to the function of the body as a whole and Chiropractors are trained to assess and diagnose your individual needs to get your body functioning optimally.

Zach Richardson
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Richardson grew up in Melfort and always had a passion for fitness and athletics playing a variety of sports as a kid. This led into a passion for football which he would pursue to play post high school for the Regina Thunder and a final year for the U of S Huskies.


As a student athlete Dr. Richardson studied Kinesiology before moving to Minnesota to pursue Chiropractic School. While in school Zach continued his passion for fitness and the role it plays in the treatment of his patients with a focus in working with Neuromusculoskeletal issues through the clinic and in the Human Performance Centre all while learning a variety of hands on adjustments, soft tissue therapies and many other treatment methods to help his patients in any way possible.


Dr. Richardson works on patients of all ages with a wide range of conditions not only limited to back and neck pain and in conjunction with Rise will offer a place where your health is our number one priority!


- Dr. Zach Richardson, DC, SMFA, Graston, FAKTR, Pn1

Massage Therapy

Massage is the practice of manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues of the body through a variety of applications. 


One of my favourite applications is myofascial cupping. I offer 3 different types of cupping; glass/ fire, silicone and plastic. Each offers basically the same benefits and vary mostly based on intensity.

Depending on where and what we’re working on is how I will decide on which one is best for your treatment. 


The benefit of cupping is increased blood flow and collagen production, stimulation to the nervous system, and revitalize the connective tissues. It’s also exceptionally beneficial to the fascia of the body which is my biggest focus in using it. 

Morgan Pettipas
Registered Massage Therapist.

I graduated from Clavet School a few years ago where I was involved with many sports including football, volleyball, track and curling.

Coming from an athletic background I knew I wanted to grow into a career focused around the human body. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate studies through the University of New Brunswick before I plan to go to Minnesota for Chiropractic school in the future. 


When it comes to massage therapy I am most interested in looking at each client as a whole and taking the time to figure out where and why symptoms are presenting a certain way. I am very passionate about fascial system, muscle and postural imbalances as well as attainable growth. 

IMG_0961 (1).jpg


 Kelsi Hilderman is a Physiotherapist with a specialization in Sport, and has extensive experience helping athletes rehab injuries and return to activity.

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan, Kelsi developed a love for many sports. She combined that with her drive to help people, and thus studied Kinesiology prior to completing a Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan.

In pursuing her goal of working in elite sport, Kelsi obtained her Certificate in Sport Physiotherapy, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Kelsi founded Shift Performance & Sport Science after years of working in University sport, with a goal of providing specialized sport therapy to athletes of all ages and skill levels. She has a special interest in developing injury resilience in female athletes, while advocating for education and awareness of how their unique physiology affects sport and performance.

Kelsi Hilderman
Sport Physiotherapist.

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